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I like my job at Arby's but for once I'm going to complain about it.

Well, today was pretty sucky, as it always is when we lose the water. I live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and sometimes the water in this area gets contaminated. Whenever there are floods it happens, but this time it seemed to happen for no apparent reason. The water is coming out brown, which means that we can't serve sodas out of our soda fountain, or ice from our ice machine. So somebody had to go and get 2-liter bottles of soda and bags of ice from the supermarket. Now it used to be that we'd just set them up in front of the drink station and let people pour it themselves, but this time we had to do it, and there were no free refills. We went through the 2-liters and then switched to cans. All of this takes forever, and add to that that I was the only person left over from the morning shift and the second shift people are incompetent anyway. I was running orders, there were all these people waiting for big orders with drinks included, and every time I turned around to get the sandwich I needed it wasn't there because the guys on back line were taking forever. The drive-thru seemed to be getting everything they needed, lucky them. At first I was just giving people the cans and cups of ice and not bothering to pour, but then I wasn't sure what to do about the people who ordered large drinks, since one can wouldn't fill a large cup but two seemed like too much. So since the sandwiches weren't coming anyway I filled up the cups myself, pausing in between to let the fizz subside, and the manager bitched at me to stop wasting time doing that. Yeah, never mind that the sandwich guys were taking their dear time. The counter was cluttered with trays of orders that were only partially run, there were cans everywhere, and it was already past time for me to leave. Normally I would stay to help finish up the job, but I had been there almost ten hours and I was getting tired of all that madness. So I clocked out and ran home, leaving them to finish it themselves. And now I can't take a shower. Great.
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