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Arby's of the World High 5

We need to start a National Arby's High 5 Day!!! A couple of us have been (or just started)doing random high 5's with our coworkers. We should make a national day for it for all the Arby's in the whole world!! It can include anyone....and I want to know if people high 5 their customers. This could cross over into people who visit other Arby's. As fellow coworkers we can give each other the high 5 when we visit other stores, or other states etc. How cool would that be to travel halfway across the US and get a high 5? I know some areas might not have the type of customer that would appreciate a high 5 but your coworkers should have fun with it. As long as you're not the one and only guy in the store who wouldn't do it like I had yesterday. I did the random high 5 and ONE person just looked at me like - are you on crack? And just stood there. Jerk!!!

So all of the Arby's should unite in a national day to celebrate high 5's.
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