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Arby's Horror Stories

I just found this comm, and I'd like to share a rant that I wrote awhile back with y'all. :)

OK...I work as a shift manager at Arby's, so that means I have a fair amount of mouthbreathing, gum-flapping droolers that I come into contact with on an almost-daily basis. Here are a few pet peeves of mine:

If you pull up to the loudspeaker at drive-thru, and I ask you *politely* to hold a moment, do NOT start smacking your toothless gums together and placing your order! I'm already busy filling someone else's order, and you can wait 30 seconds longer for your extra-large pseudo-roastbeef sandwich!

If after placing your order, you hear three seconds of silence while I punch your overly-large order into the system (screw 2-minute service times with 5 Market Fresh extra-large meals that have Petals and Mozz...), do NOT sit there and chirp, "hellloooo....anybody there?" This will only cause me to give you extra ice in your soda, and cold fries instead of the hot ones I *just* pulled out of the oil.

If you hand me two coupons (one for a combo meal and one for a $2.50 chicken sandwich), do NOT expect me to be a mindreader and know that you don't want to use the chicken sandwich one, and that you want a chicken filet combo! OK, so maybe I screwed up there, but getting irritated with me after I *apologize* to you will cause me to give you cold fries! (see above)

If you see me wiping down the condiment stand out in the lobby, and you spill some ketchup on a spot that I *JUST WIPED OVER*, could you at least pretend to make an effort to clean up after yourself?

Parents, when you bring your screaming hellspawn children into our fine establishment, allowing them to climb on the counter and run around the poles in the lobby does not speak of proper parenting. In addition, shooting me death glares for allowing your crotchdroppings to run headlong into corners/poles/counters/etc. isn't exactly my fault. I'm not your kid's babysitter. I already have enough drooling incompetents to work with, and I am in no way responsible for yours. kthx.

There's this one crewperson that is constantly telling me to chill out when we're in the middle of a rush, and I'm running between front line and DT trying to fill orders...problem is, she tends to need a sandwich RIGHT NOW, and if I take her fries from DT to fill a frontline order...OH NOES!!!!111eleventyone She's always telling me to "chill out", yet she's the one who constantly gets her panties in a bunch...methinks this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black...

That is all.

Thank you, and please drive through. (Pun intended!!!) :D

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