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Sucky Lady

Since the people in the customers suck communities have been sucking lately (no offense to anyone who belongs to them - but they've been snotty I've noticed), I thought my fellow Arby's People would appreciate the lady we had last night.

She came through the front door with a sub in her hand (new toasted Arby's sub), threw it on the counter and said "Since WHEN does the French Dip come with SWISS CHEESE? Can't you do ANYTHING right?"

I was at the fry area by the counter so I said they just changed the subs and now it comes with swiss, the manager came up from wherever she was and repeated what I just said and asked if she wanted a new one and she said yes blah blah whine whine. "I shouldn't have to LOOK at the menu to see that it's DIFFERENT."

Wow!! All over some swiss cheese. If you don't look at the picture how are you supposed to know? Are we supposed to tell every single customer who orders it that it's changed? Sheesh. She got her new sub and stormed out.

I've only had one other person say anything about the cheese on a French Dip and it's a regular customer and she just asked "Does that come with swiss now?" I said yeah they just changed it blah blah so she asked if she needed to order it without swiss from now on and I said yes. Simple as that.
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