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Go Away Fish Just Go Away

Question of the week - "Well if the fish sandwich is 2 for $4, why isn't it $2 for one sandwich?"

Okay I make the prices? No. So why don't you find someone who does and ask them. And is $2.99 really that much higher than $2? Well then get 2 of them and don't complain to me. I don't care, because there's nothing I can do about it. LOL

And we had a customer tell us that her husband has cancer, they just found out and had left the doctor's office. Why do people say things like that? I don't walk into random locations and tell the cashiers about my doctor's visits. "Hey I just went to the girly doctor and everything is looking swell!"
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lmao. Yes, .99 is waaaaaaaay more than $2, according to some people. They don't understand that it's an incentive to buy more. I haven't worked for Arby's in years, but I work in retail now. I still hear the same stupid arguement.
Oh yeah it's the same not matter where if there's a sale like that. My mom works retail too and she hears it all the time too. "Well why not?" Uhhhhh because whoever made the sale prices decided to do it that way it's NOT ME. LOL!!!!
and that's why I work on backline... so I don't have to deal with the customers lol
I'm going to go on cash register strike so I don't have to deal with it. LOL!!!